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HVAC Diagnostics FAQ

How much does your diagnostic service cost?

It all depends on the system in question and the details of your issue. Once we diagnose the issue, we’ll provide an accurate price quote for repairs or replacement so you can budget accordingly. 

Will I have to wait long for diagnostics?

Since you and your family depend on these systems to live comfortably, you won’t have to wait long for service. We’ll be ready for you at your earliest convenience and ready to accommodate your schedule. 

What is included in a HVAC diagnostic check?

Our diagnostic service includes checking your systems codes and then moving down a comprehensive diagnostic list to uncover the issues you are experiencing. Once we diagnose the issue, our team is available to perform your repairs or advise you on a new piece of equipment, if needed. 

How can I troubleshoot my AC or heating system?

Troubleshooting an air conditioning or heating system is a complicated and difficult process that should only be performed by a trained and certified HVAC contractor. Attempting to troubleshoot these complicated systems without the proper HVAC expertise can result in expensive damages or serious injuries. If you are experiencing heating or cooling system issues, contact After HRS Heating & AC as soon as possible. 

Opt for Routine Maintenance: Don’t forget to invest in regular maintenance to catch issues early on and ensure your systems are operating optimally. Here at After HRS Heating and AC we offer high quality maintenance services you can count on.

Make Replacements as Needed: In a perfect world, your systems would last forever. The reality, however, is that they will break down and require replacements at some point in time. If you’re unsure of whether your system warrants a repair or replacement, don’t hesitate  to contact us.

Routinely change your homes air intake filters

Routinely change batteries once a year in your thermostat, if your T Stat requires batteries

Check the vents: Make sure all of the vents in your home are open and unobstructed.

Check the outdoor unit: Make sure the outdoor unit is free of debris and that the air flow is not blocked.

Check the circuit breaker: Make sure the circuit breaker for the AC or heating system has not tripped.

Check the pilot light: If your heating system uses a pilot light, make sure it is lit.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heating and Air Conditioning Issues

While you can’t avoid all heating and air conditioning problems, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk and increase the efficiency of your systems, such as:

Our HVAC Diagnostics Services

Whether you’re in need of emergency maintenance, HVAC troubleshooting, or anything in between, our HVAC contractors are here for you. Our team has the specialized knowledge and experience to diagnose issues on these types of systems:


  • Air conditioners

  • Furnaces

  • Heat pumps

  • Gas fireplaces 

  • Mini splits 

  • Dryers 


You can count on our diagnostic services to promptly and accurately determine the source of your system’s issue. Our goal is to ensure it’s working again in no time with minimal disruption to your family and lifestyle.

technician repairing HVAC system

1  —

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to call us after they’ve had multiple issues and several companies look at their HVAC system. This is because most companies only diagnose the surface issue of your heating or cooling system. At After HRS Heating and AC, we’ll do whatever it takes to properly diagnose and uncover the root cause of the problem. This way we can address the underlying issue and prevent future damages, saving you time and money. 

2  —

You can expect our professional team to perform a full system diagnostic that enables us to determine the core issue as we don’t believe in merely fixing the surface problem and leaving. Our HVAC diagnostics  include several steps, such as inspecting the system and its components, performing diagnostic tests and measurements, and using specialized tools to troubleshoot problems.

3 —

Examples of our HVAC diagnostics tests include checking the thermostat to ensure it is working properly, inspecting air ducts and registers for blockages or leaks, testing the air flow and pressure, and checking the electrical and gas connections for any problems. 


For all our system diagnostics we offer affordable pricing and flexible appointment times, ensuring your service can fit into your busy schedule.

Why Choose After HRS Heating & AC For Your HVAC Diagnostics 

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HVAC Diagnostics in Lake Stevens 

While it’s often overlooked, your HVAC system is a crucial part of your home. After all, it heats and cools your home, keeping your family safe and secure year-round. But just like any other piece of machinery or complex appliance, it may incur issues, especially after years of wear and tear. 


If you’ve noticed your home’s air conditioning or heating system is faulty, don’t worry. After HRS Heating and AC is here to help. We provide homeowners in Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Marysville, Kirkland, and Bothell with efficient and reliable HVAC diagnostics services. No matter what system is giving you trouble, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly diagnose the issue and get it back up and running. 

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