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Areas of Expertise

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Leave the hard work to us, designing, installation, repair and maintenance. we'll ensure you and your family are comfortable all year around. We provide a wide range of services tailored to your specific HVAC needs.

fireplace in a lodge

Fireplace Installation & Maintenance 

A gas fireplace can add warmth, comfort, and charm to your home, especially when it's freezing outside. That’s where After HRS Heating and AC comes in. We are experts in installation and maintenance of gas fireplaces. 

technician inspecting hvac system


If your air conditioning, heating, mini-split, or any other type of HVAC system is malfunctioning, contact After HRS Heating and AC as soon as possible. We’ll promptly diagnose the issue and recommend an affordable, effective solution. 

person cleaning dryer duct

Dryer Vent Cleaning

After HRS Heating & AC is pleased to offer dryer vent cleaning for homeowners in Lake Stevens and surrounding areas. With this service, you can safely and effectively eliminate and prevent debris buildup in your dryer line, reducing your risk of a house fire and dryer machine malfunctions. Unchecked dryers cause $238 million dollars in property damages and 3,000 house fires a year. Don’t let your home be a statistic and call us for a comprehensive cleaning service that will help you avoid clogged dryer vents and ensure optimal airflow and your dryer machine running at its highest efficiency!

heat pump gauge

Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance

Whether it’s an existing system that needs to be replaced, or you're looking to add a heat pump to your home/office, we can do that. Heat pumps are much more efficient at heating and cooling than your traditional stand alone AC or furnace system. If you’re experiencing high energy bills or would like to switch over to a more environmentally friendly technology, then heat pumps are a great option. 

technician installing air conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation & Maintenance

A properly functioning air conditioner is essential if you’d like to keep your family comfortable indoors during the warmer summer months. At After HRS Heating and AC, we make air conditioner installation and yearly maintenance a breeze. 

person setting thermostat

Mini Split Installation & Maintenance

A ductless split system is an excellent option if you’d like to both heat and cool your home with one system. Our professional team of HVAC contractors specialize in mini split installation and maintenance for homeowners in the Lake Stevens area. Whether it's replacing an already existing unit or your home or office doesn’t have traditional duct work, mini split systems may be a great option for you.

technician installing furnace

Furnace Installation & Maintenance

During the cold Northwest winters, you want to ensure your furnace is in optimal condition. With furnace installation and maintenance services performed by our skilled team, you can do just that. 

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